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I hate that I get bored with things so easily. I’m terrified I’ll lock myself down in a job abroad to try and have something fresh and new and I’ll love it for a little while and then just get restless again. I don’t know what to do to keep myself excited and looking forward to the next day. Uuuugh.

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so i haven’t mentioned this really, mainly because i don’t want people from my work finding out before i put in my two weeks notice in about a month and a half

but i figure this is a safe place

so i’m moving to michigan in the beginning of june


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So I entered the Walk On Role contest for Teen Wolf super late...but would love it if you all liked/voted :)

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the holidays are over and i’m starting back at work properly again tomorrow sigh

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the absolute worst thing about being a girl during the winter is having to sit on toilet seats that are the temperature of the Arctic Circle

i want to live in Rivendell

can someone make this happen for me please

the site i normally use to catch up on all my tv shows is out for the count until january omfg

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the world is ending in 11 days and i’m laying in bed eating cheetos and watching the princess diaries