so tonight at dinner my 2 year old brother had food stuck on his finger and he lifted it and turned to my mom and was like “mommy blow me i can’t get off” and i simultaneously choked and nearly pissed myself

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I love this kid way too much.

Dylan “headbanging” to You Me At Six :’)

Just got the slobberiest, longest kiss ever from my baby brother.

He seriously would not let me pull away. Need to work on those skills, baby boy. Hahaha

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Muahaha I love my baby brother.

Refused to give his father and brother a kiss goodnight.

Me: “What about me? Don’t I get a kiss nuh-night??”

He grins, stands up, walk over and gives me a big, wet one.


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Dylan is into sharing now.

Yes…I just drank from a drooly bottle.

The lengths you go to.