According to my little brother my computer is a ‘mercurder’

  • Dylan: *points at gif of Lea Michele on my dash* That's you, Mandy? That's you?
  • Me: No. I wish it was me. But it's not....

dylan just paused, stared up at my chest, then met my eyes and announced to me:

"that’s your boobs."

i very seriously responded, “yes, those are my boobs. thanks for telling me.”

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I love this kid way too much.

I can’t believe I forgot to post this

Earlier this morning my baby brother and I were sitting around and he suddenly just leans back and looks at me, totally sincere, and out of the blue says:

"Hmmm. Apple pie. I like apple pie."

I was like… “Ummm. Pie?”

"Yeah, apple pie. Do you like apple pie?" And this two year old is lifting a brow at me like ‘for real woman, you better say yes’.

"Uhh yeah, I love apple pie…"

And he smiles and looks all satisfied and turns back to his cartoon.

Basically, I think my little brother is an incarnation of Dean Winchester.

I forgot to post yesterday

My brother was running around being cute and grabbed his bum and was like “My butt my butt!” and was laughing and me and my mom snorted and were like “Yeah, yeah, your butt. You have a cute butt.”

And this little two year old jerk reaches up, pats MY bum, and goes: “Mandy has a big butt!”

omg crying

I was playing with Dylan and he blew in my face so I did it to him and he started giggling and goes

"HAHA blow me Mandy!!"

Me and my mom started laughing so hard and he didn’t know why so he just started laughing too

Me and my brother lol. He said “like a llama!” because he was pulling my hair down into face like a llama’s bangs and he saw llamas at the petting zoo today.

Thanks little dude

I am NOT like a llama :|

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Love this kid so much. Can’t believe he’s already 2!!